Add your device to Amazon IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk - Amazon IoT Core
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Add your device to Amazon IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk

Before creating a wireless device, first create a device profile. Device profiles define the device capabilities and other parameters for your Sidewalk devices. A single device profile can be associated with multiple devices.

After you create a device profile, when you retrieve information about the profile, it returns a DeviceTypeId. When you provision your end device, you'll use this ID, the device certificates, application server public key, and the Sidewalk manufacturing serial number (SMSN). The SMSN is a unique serial number for each Sidewalk device.

How to create and add your device

  1. Create a device profile for your Sidewalk end devices. Specify a profile name to use for your Sidewalk devices as an alphanumeric string. The profile will help identify the devices to associate it with.

    • (Console) When adding your Sidewalk device, you can also create a new profile. This helps you quickly add your device to Amazon IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk and associate it with a profile.

    • (API) Use the CreateDeviceProfile API operation by specifying a profile name and the Sidewalk object, sidewalk {}. The API response will contain a profile ID and ARN (Amazon Resource Name).

  2. Add your wireless device to Amazon IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk. Specify a destination name and choose the device profile that you created in the previous step.

    • (Console) When adding your Sidewalk device, enter a destination name, and choose the profile that you created.

    • (API) Use the CreateWirelessDevice API operation. Specify a destination name and the ID of the device profile obtained previously.

    Wireless device parameters
    Parameter Description Notes
    Destination name The name of the destination that describes the Amazon IoT rules for processing the device's data that other Amazon Web Services will use. If you haven't already created a destination, you can provide any string value. Amazon IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk will create an empty destination when creating the device, which you can then update when adding your destination.
    Device profile

    The device profile that you previously created.

  3. Obtain the JSON file that contains the required information for provisioning your end device.

    • (Console) Download this file from the details page of the Sidewalk device that you created.

    • (API) Use the GetDeviceProfile and GetWirelessDevice API operations to retrieve information about your device profile and wireless device. Store the API response information as JSON files, such as device_profile.json and wireless_device.json.