Getting started with Amazon IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk - Amazon IoT Core
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Getting started with Amazon IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk

This section shows you how to get started with connecting your Sidewalk end devices to Amazon IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk. It explains how you can connect an end device to Amazon Sidewalk and pass messages between them. You'll also learn about the Sidewalk sample application and an overview of how to perform sensor monitoring using Amazon IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk. The sample application provides you with a dashboard to view and monitor changes to the sensor temperature.

Try the sensor monitoring tutorial

This section provides you an overview of the Amazon Sidewalk sample application on GitHub that shows you how to monitor the temperature of a sensor. In this tutorial, you use scripts that programmatically create the required wireless resources, provision the end device and flash the binaries, and then connect your end device to the application. The scripts that use the Amazon CLI and Python commands create an Amazon CloudFormation stack and wireless resources, and then flash the binaries and deploy the application onto your hardware development kit (HDK).

The following diagram shows the steps are involved when you run the sample application and connect your Sidewalk end device to the application. For detailed instructions including pre-requisites and configuration for this tutorial, see the README document in GitHub.

The following are performed in this section: