trunc(Decimal, Integer) - Amazon IoT Analytics
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trunc(Decimal, Integer)

Truncates the first argument to the number of Decimal places specified by the second argument. If the second argument is less than zero, it will be set to zero. If the second argument is greater than 34, it will be set to 34. Trailing zeros are stripped from the result.


trunc(2.3, 0) = 2

trunc(2.3123, 2) = 2.31

trunc(2.888, 2) = 2.88

trunc(2.00, 5) = 2

Argument type 1 Argument type 2 Result



The source value.

Int / Decimal / String

Int / Decimal

The first argument is truncated to the length described by the second argument. The second argument, if not an Int, will be rounded down to the nearest Int. Strings are converted to Decimal values. If the string conversion fails, the result is Undefined.

Other Value