AddAttributes activity - Amazon IoT Analytics
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AddAttributes activity

An addAttributes activity adds attributes based on existing attributes in the message. This lets you alter the shape of the message before it's stored. For example, you can use addAttributes to normalize data coming from different generations of device firmware.

Consider the following input message.

{ "device": { "id": "device-123", "coord": [ 47.6152543, -122.3354883 ] } }

The addAttributes activity looks like the following.

{ "addAttributes": { "name": "MyAddAttributesActivity", "attributes": { "": "id", "device.coord[0]": "lat", "device.coord[1]": "lon" }, "next": "MyRemoveAttributesActivity" } }

This activity moves the device ID to the root level and extracts the value in the coord array, promoting them to top-level attributes called lat and lon. As a result of this activity, the input message is transformed to the following example.

{ "device": { "id": "device-123", "coord": [ 47.6, -122.3 ] }, "id": "device-123", "lat": 47.6, "lon": -122.3 }

The original device attribute is still present. If you want to remove it, you can use the removeAttributes activity.