SelectAttributes activity - Amazon IoT Analytics
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SelectAttributes activity

The selectAttributes activity creates a new message using only the specified attributes from the original message. Every other attribute is dropped. selectAttributes creates new attributes under the root of the message only. So given this message:

{ "device": { "id": "device-123", "coord": [ 47.6152543, -122.3354883 ], "temp": 50, "hum": 40 }, "light": 90 }

and this activity:

{ "selectAttributes": { "name": "MySelectAttributesActivity", "attributes": [ "device.temp", "device.hum", "light" ], "next": "MyDatastoreActivity" } }

The result is the following message flowing through the pipeline.

{ "temp": 50, "hum": 40, "light": 90 }

Again, selectAttributes can only create root-level objects.