RemoveAttributes activity - Amazon IoT Analytics
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RemoveAttributes activity

A removeAttributes activity removes attributes from a message. For example, given the message that was the result of the addAttributes activity.

{ "device": { "id": "device-123", "coord": [ 47.6, -122.3 ] }, "id": "device-123", "lat": 47.6, "lon": -122.3 }

To normalize that message so that it includes only the required data at the root level, use the following removeAttributes activity.

{ "removeAttributes": { "name": "MyRemoveAttributesActivity", "attributes": [ "device" ], "next": "MyDatastoreActivity" } }

This results in the following message flowing along the pipeline.

{ "id": "device-123", "lat": 47.6, "lon": -122.3 }