Cleaning up your tutorial resources - Amazon IoT Analytics
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Cleaning up your tutorial resources

After you complete the tutorial, clean up your resources to avoid incurring charges.

To delete your Amazon IoT SiteWise demo

The Amazon IoT SiteWise demo deletes itself after a week. If you're done using the demo resources, you can delete the demo earlier. To delete the demo manually, use the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the Amazon CloudFormation console.

  2. Choose IoTSiteWiseDemoAssets from the list of Stacks.

  3. Choose Delete. When you delete the stack, all of the resources created for the demo are deleted.

  4. In the confirmation dialog, enter Delete.

    The stack takes around 15 minutes to delete. If the demo fails to delete, choose Delete in the upper-right corner again. If the demo fails to delete again, follow the steps in the Amazon CloudFormation console to skip the resources that failed to delete, and try again.

To delete your data store
  • To delete your managed data store, run the CLI command delete-datastore, such as in the following example.

    aws iotanalytics delete-datastore --datastore-name my_IotSiteWise_datastore
To delete your Amazon IoT Analytics dataset
  • To delete your dataset, run the CLI command delete-dataset, such as in the following example. You don't have to delete the content of the dataset before you perform this operation.

    aws iotanalytics delete-dataset --dataset-name my_dataset

    This command produces no output.