AssetPropertyValue - Amazon IoT Events
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A structure that contains value information. For more information, see AssetPropertyValue in the Amazon IoT SiteWise API Reference.

You must use expressions for all parameters in AssetPropertyValue. The expressions accept literals, operators, functions, references, and substitution templates.

  • For literal values, the expressions must contain single quotes. For example, the value for the quality parameter can be 'GOOD'.

  • For references, you must specify either variables or input values. For example, the value for the quality parameter can be $input.TemperatureInput.sensorData.quality.

For more information, see Expressions in the Amazon IoT Events Developer Guide.



The quality of the asset property value. The value must be 'GOOD', 'BAD', or 'UNCERTAIN'.

Type: String

Required: No


The timestamp associated with the asset property value. The default is the current event time.

Type: AssetPropertyTimestamp object

Required: No


The value to send to an asset property.

Type: AssetPropertyVariant object

Required: No

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