Step 5: Next Steps - Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics
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Step 5: Next Steps

Now that you've created and run a basic Kinesis Data Analytics application, see the following resources for more advanced Kinesis Data Analytics solutions.

  • The Amazon Streaming Data Solution for Amazon Kinesis: The Amazon Streaming Data Solution for Amazon Kinesis automatically configures the Amazon services necessary to easily capture, store, process, and deliver streaming data. The solution provides multiple options for solving streaming data use cases. The Kinesis Data Analytics option provides an end-to-end streaming ETL example demonstrating a real-world application that runs analytical operations on simulated New York taxi data. The solution sets up all necessary Amazon resources such as IAM roles and policies, a CloudWatch dashboard, and CloudWatch alarms.

  • Amazon Streaming Data Solution for Amazon MSK: The Amazon Streaming Data Solution for Amazon MSK provides Amazon CloudFormation templates where data flows through producers, streaming storage, consumers, and destinations.

  • Clickstream Lab with Apache Flink and Apache Kafka: An end to end lab for clickstream use cases using Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka for streaming storage and Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink applications for stream processing.

  • Streaming Analytics Workshop: In this workshop, you build an end-to-end streaming architecture to ingest, analyze, and visualize streaming data in near real-time. You set out to improve the operations of a taxi company in New York City. You analyze the telemetry data of a taxi fleet in New York City in near real-time to optimize their fleet operations.

  • Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink: Examples: This section of this Developer Guide provides examples of creating and working with applications in Kinesis Data Analytics. They include example code and step-by-step instructions to help you create Kinesis Data Analytics applications and test your results.

  • Learn Flink: Hands On Training: Offical introductory Apache Flink training that gets you started writing scalable streaming ETL, analytics, and event-driven applications.


    Be aware that Kinesis Data Analytics does not support the Apache Flink version (1.12) used in this training. You can use Flink 1.13 in Flink Kinesis Data Analytics.