Creating Your Python Kinesis Data Analytics Application - Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics
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Creating Your Python Kinesis Data Analytics Application

Specifying your Code Files

Once you have created your application's code package, you upload it to an Amazon S3 bucket. You then create your application using either the console or the CreateApplication action.

When you create your application using the CreateApplication action, you specify the code files and archives in your zip file using a special application property group called You can define the following types files:

  • python: A text file containing a Python main method.

  • jarfile: A Java JAR file containing Java user-defined functions.

  • pyFiles: A Python resource file containing resources to be used by the application.

  • pyArchives: A zip file containing resource files for the application.

For more information about Apache Flink Python code file types, see Command Line Usage in the Apache Flink Documentation.


Kinesis Data Analytics does not support the pyModule, pyExecutable, or pyRequirements file types. All of the code, requirements, and dependencies must be in your zip file. You can't specify dependencies to be installed using pip.

The following example json snippet demonstrates how to specify file locations within your application's zip file:

"ApplicationConfiguration": { "EnvironmentProperties": { "PropertyGroups": [ { "PropertyGroupId": "", "PropertyMap": { "python": "MyApplication/", "jarfile": "MyApplication/lib/myJarFile.jar", "pyFiles": "MyApplication/lib/", "pyArchives": "MyApplication/lib/" } },