Upstream or source throttling from a Kinesis data stream - Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics
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Upstream or source throttling from a Kinesis data stream

Symptom: The application is encountering LimitExceededExceptions from their upstream source Kinesis data stream.

Potential Cause: The default setting for the Apache Flink library Kinesis connector is set to read from the Kinesis data stream source with a very aggressive default setting for the maximum number of records fetched per GetRecords call. Apache Flink is configured by default to fetch 10,000 records per GetRecords call (this call is made by default every 200 ms), although the limit per shard is only 1,000 records.

This default behavior can lead to throttling when attempting to consume from the Kinesis data stream, which will affect the applications performance and stability.

This can be confirmed by checking the CloudWatch ReadProvisionedThroughputExceeded metric and seeing prolonged or sustained periods where this metric is greater than zero.

The customer will also be able to see this in CloudWatch logs for their Kinesis Analytics Flink application by seeing continued LimitExceededException errors.

Resolution: The customer can do one of two things to resolve this scenario:

  • Lower the default limit for the number of records fetched per GetRecords call

  • The customer can enable Adaptive Reads in their Kinesis Analytics Flink application. For more information on the Adaptive Reads feature, see SHARD_USE_ADAPTIVE_READS