EXP_AVG - Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics
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EXP_AVG ( expression, <time-interval> )

EXP_AVG returns an exponentially-weighted average of a stream of value expressions selected in a specified time window. EXP_AVG divides the specified window into intervals based on the value of <time-interval>. The values of the specified expression are weighted the most heavily for the most recent time-intervals and exponentially less heavily for earlier intervals.


This example creates an exponentially-weighted average of the price of each stock ticker over a 30-second window such that the prices (for that ticker symbol) in the most recent 10-second subwindow carry double the weight of the prices in the middle 10-second subwindow and four times the weight of the prices in the oldest 10-second subwindow.

select stream t.rowtime, ticker, price, exp_avg(price, INTERVAL '10' SECOND) over w as avgPrice from t window w as (partition by ticker range interval '30' second preceding);

In this example, 10 seconds is the half-life of the decay function, that is, the period over which the weights applied to the prices being averaged decrease by a factor of two. In other words, the older one will be given half as much weight as the newer one. It is specified as the time_interval in the call to EXP_AVG as interval '10' second .