FIXED_COLUMN_LOG_PARSE - Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics
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Parses fixed-width fields and automatically converts them to the given SQL types.

FIXED_COLUMN_LOG_PARSE ( <string value expression>, <column description string expression> ) <column description string expression> := '<column description> [,...]' <column description> :=   <identifier> TYPE <data type> [ NOT NULL ]   START <numeric value expression> [FOR <numeric constant expression>]

Starting position of column is 0. Column specifications for types DATE,TIME and TIMESTAMP support a format parameter allowing the user to specify exact time component layout. The parser uses the Java class java.lang.SimpleDateFormat to parse the strings for types DATE, TIME and TIMESTAMP. The Date and Time Patterns topic gives a full description and examples of timestamp format strings. The following is an example of a column definition with a format string:

"name" TYPE TIMESTAMP 'dd/MMM/yyyy:HH:mm:ss'

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