INSERT - Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics
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INSERT is used to insert rows into a stream. It can also be used in a pump to insert the output of one stream into another.


<insert statement> :=   INSERT [ EXPEDITED ]   INTO  <table-name > [ ( insert-column-specification ) ]   <  query  > <insert-column-specification> := < simple-identifier-list > <simple-identifier-list> :=    <simple-identifier> [ , < simple-identifier-list > ]

For a discussion of VALUES, see SELECT statement.

Pump Stream Insert

INSERT may also be specified as part of a CREATE PUMP statement.

CREATE PUMP "HighBidsPump" AS INSERT INTO "highBids" ( "ticker", "shares", "price") SELECT  "ticker", "shares", "price" FROM SALES.bids WHERE "shares"*"price">100000

Here the results to be inserted into the "highBids" stream should come from a UNION ALL expression that evaluates to a stream. This will create a continuously running stream insert. Rowtimes of the rows inserted will be inherited from the rowtimes of the rows output from the select or UNION ALL. Again rows may be initially dropped if other inserters, ahead of this inserter, have inserted rows with rowtimes later than those initially prepared by this inserter, since the latter would then be out of time order. See the topic CREATE PUMP in this guide.