Step 2: Set up the Amazon IoT Greengrass V2 core device on the device - Amazon Kinesis Video Streams
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Step 2: Set up the Amazon IoT Greengrass V2 core device on the device

Follow these procedures to install the Amazon IoT Greengrass core nucleus software on the Amazon EC2 instance.

Set up the Amazon IoT Greengrass core device
  1. Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console,

    Verify that the appropriate Region is selected.

  2. In the left navigation, select Greengrass devices, Core devices.

  3. Choose Set up one core device.

  4. Complete the steps on the screen.

    • Step 1: Register a Greengrass core device. Type a name for the device.

    • Step 2: Add to a thing group to apply a continuous deployment. Select No group.

    • Step 3: Install the Greengrass Core software. Select Linux.

      • Step 3.1: Install Java on the device

        Java is installed as part of Step 1: Create an Ubuntu Amazon EC2 instance. Return to that step if you don't have Java installed yet.

      • Step 3.2: Copy Amazon credentials onto the device

        Open the bash/zsh option and paste the export commands in the Amazon EC2 instance.

      • Step 3.3: Run the installer

        1. Copy and run the Download the installer and Run the installer commands in the Ubuntu Amazon EC2 instance.


          The Run the installer command will automatically update based on the name you chose in a previous step.

        2. Make note of the token exchange service (TES) role that is created. You need it later.


        By default, the role created is called GreengrassV2TokenExchangeRole.