Step 1: Download and configure the code - Amazon Kinesis Video Streams
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Step 1: Download and configure the code

In this section, you download the Java library and test code, and import the project into your Java IDE.

For prerequisites and other details about this procedure, see Kinesis video stream Parser Library.

  1. Create a directory and clone the library source code from the GitHub repository (

    git clone
  2. Open the Java IDE that you're using (for example, Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA) and import the Apache Maven project that you downloaded:

    • In Eclipse: Choose File, Import, Maven, Existing Maven Projects, and navigate to the kinesis-video-streams-parser-lib folder.

    • In IntelliJ Idea: Choose Import. Navigate to the pom.xml file in the root of the downloaded package.

    For more information, see the related IDE documentation.

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Step 2: Write and examine the code.