Using the Android Producer Library - Amazon Kinesis Video Streams
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Using the Android Producer Library

You can use the Amazon Kinesis Video Streams provided Android Producer Library to write application code, with minimal configuration, to send media data from an Android device to a Kinesis video stream.

Perform the following steps to integrate your code with Kinesis Video Streams so that your application can start streaming data to your Kinesis video stream:

  1. Create an instance of the KinesisVideoClient object.

  2. Create a MediaSource object by providing media source information. For example, when creating a camera media source, you provide information such as identifying the camera and specifying the encoding the camera uses.

    When you want to start streaming, you must create a custom media source.

Procedure: Using the Android Producer SDK

This procedure demonstrates how to use the Kinesis Video Streams Android Producer Client in your Android application to send data to your Kinesis video stream.

The procedure includes the following steps: