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Amazon Lambda extensions partners

Amazon Lambda has partnered with several third party entities to provide extensions to integrate with your Lambda functions. The following list details third party extensions that are ready for you to use at any time.

  • AppDynamics – Provides automatic instrumentation of Node.js or Python Lambda functions, providing visibility and alerting on function performance.

  • Check Point CloudGuard – An extension-based runtime solution that offers full lifecycle security for serverless applications.

  • Datadog – Provides comprehensive, real-time visibility to your serverless applications through the use of metrics, traces, and logs.

  • Dynatrace – Provides visibility into traces and metrics, and leverages AI for automated error detection and root cause analysis across the entire application stack.

  • Elastic – Provides Application Performance Monitoring (APM) to identify and resolve root cause issues using correlated traces, metrics, and logs.

  • Epsagon – Listens to invocation events, stores traces, and sends them in parallel to Lambda function executions.

  • Fastly– Protects your Lambda functions from suspicious activity, such as injection-style attacks, account takeover via credential stuffing, malicious bots, and API abuse.

  • HashiCorp Vault – Manages secrets and makes them available for developers to use within function code, without making functions Vault aware.

  • Honeycomb – Observability tool for debugging your app stack.

  • Lumigo – Profiles Lambda function invocations and collects metrics for troubleshooting issues in serverless and microservice environments.

  • New Relic – Runs alongside Lambda functions, automatically collecting, enhancing, and transporting telemetry to New Relic's unified observability platform.

  • Sedai – An autonomous cloud management platform, powered by AI/ML, that delivers continuous optimization for cloud operations teams to maximize cloud cost savings, performance, and availability at scale.

  • Sentry – Diagnose, fix, and optimize performance of Lambda functions.

  • Site24x7 – Achieve real-time observability into your Lambda environments

  • Splunk – Collects high-resolution, low-latency metrics for efficient and effective monitoring of Lambda functions.

  • Sumo Logic – Provides visibility into the health and performance of serverless applications.

  • Thundra – Provides asynchronous telemetry reporting, such as traces, metrics, and logs.

  • Salt Security – Simplifies API posture governance and API security for Lambda functions through automated setup and support for diverse runtimes.

Amazon managed extensions

Amazon provides its own managed extensions, including:

  • Amazon AppConfig – Use feature flags and dynamic data to update your Lambda functions. You can also use this extension to update other dynamic configuration, such as ops throttling and tuning.

  • Amazon CodeGuru Profiler – Improves application performance and reduces cost by pinpointing an application's most expensive line of code and providing recommendations for improving code.

  • CloudWatch Lambda Insights – Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize the performance of your Lambda functions through automated dashboards.

  • Amazon Distro for OpenTelemetry (ADOT) – Enables functions to send trace data to Amazon monitoring services such as Amazon X-Ray, and to destinations that support OpenTelemetry such as Honeycomb and Lightstep.

  • Amazon Parameters and Secrets – Enables customers to securely retrieve parameters from Amazon Systems Manager Parameter Store and secrets from Amazon Secrets Manager.

For additional extensions samples and demo projects, see Amazon Lambda Extensions.