Java sample applications for Amazon Lambda - Amazon Lambda
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Java sample applications for Amazon Lambda

The GitHub repository for this guide provides sample applications that demonstrate the use of Java in Amazon Lambda. Each sample application includes scripts for easy deployment and cleanup, an Amazon CloudFormation template, and supporting resources.

Sample Lambda applications in Java
  • java17-examples – A Java function that demonstrates how to use a Java record to represent an input event data object.

  • java-basic – A collection of minimal Java functions with unit tests and variable logging configuration.

  • java-events – A collection of Java functions that contain skeleton code for how to handle events from various services such as Amazon API Gateway, Amazon SQS, and Amazon Kinesis. These functions use the latest version of the aws-lambda-java-events library (3.0.0 and newer). These examples do not require the Amazon SDK as a dependency.

  • s3-java – A Java function that processes notification events from Amazon S3 and uses the Java Class Library (JCL) to create thumbnails from uploaded image files.

  • Use API Gateway to invoke a Lambda function – A Java function that scans a Amazon DynamoDB table that contains employee information. It then uses Amazon Simple Notification Service to send a text message to employees celebrating their work anniversaries. This example uses API Gateway to invoke the function.

Running popular Java frameworks on Lambda

If you're new to Lambda functions in Java, start with the java-basic examples. To get started with Lambda event sources, see the java-events examples. Both of these example sets show the use of Lambda's Java libraries, environment variables, the Amazon SDK, and the Amazon X-Ray SDK. These examples require minimal setup and you can deploy them from the command line in less than a minute.