Managing Amazon Lambda functions - Amazon Lambda
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Managing Amazon Lambda functions

Learn how to adjust and secure the resources associated with your Lambda function using the Lambda API or console.

Using Lambda with the Amazon CLI

You can use the Amazon Command Line Interface to manage functions and other Amazon Lambda resources. The Amazon CLI uses the Amazon SDK for Python (Boto) to interact with the Lambda API. In this tutorial, you manage and invoke Lambda functions with the Amazon CLI.

Function Scaling

You can configure two function-level concurrency controls: reserved concurrency and provisioned concurrency. Concurrency is the number of instances of your function that are active and can be configured to ensure critical functions avoid throttling.

Code signing

Code signing for Lambda provides trust and integrity controls that let you verify that only unaltered code that approved developers have published is deployed in your Lambda functions.

Organize with tags

You can tag Lambda functions to activate attribute-based access control (ABAC) and to organize them by owner, project, or department.

Using layers

You can apply previously created layers to reduce deployment package size and promote code sharing and separation of responsibilities so that you can iterate faster on writing business logic.