Building Lambda functions with Rust - Amazon Lambda
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Building Lambda functions with Rust

Because Rust compiles to native code, you don't need a dedicated runtime to run Rust code on Lambda. Instead, use the Rust runtime client to build your project locally, and then deploy it to Lambda using the provided.al2023 or provided.al2 runtime. When you use provided.al2023 or provided.al2, Lambda automatically keeps the operating system up to date with the latest patches.


The Rust runtime client is an experimental package. It is subject to change and intended only for evaluation purposes.

Tools and libraries for Rust
  • Amazon SDK for Rust: The Amazon SDK for Rust provides Rust APIs to interact with Amazon Web Services infrastructure services.

  • Rust runtime client for Lambda: The Rust runtime client is an experimental package. It is subject to breaking changes and not recommended for production.

  • Cargo Lambda: This library provides a command line application to work with Lambda functions built with Rust.

  • Lambda HTTP: This library provides a wrapper to work with HTTP events.

  • Lambda Extension: This library provides support to write Lambda Extensions with Rust.

  • Amazon Lambda Events: This library provides type definitions for common event source integrations.

Sample Lambda applications for Rust