Java in AL2 - Amazon Linux 2
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Java in AL2

AL2 provides several versions of Amazon Corretto to support Java based workloads, as well as some OpenJDK versions. We recommend that you migrate to Amazon Corretto in preparation for migrating to AL2023.

Corretto is a build of the Open Java Development Kit (OpenJDK) with long-term support from Amazon. Corretto is certified using the Java Technical Compatibility Kit (TCK) to ensure it meets the Java SE standard and is available on Linux, Windows, and macOS.

An Amazon Corretto package is available for each of Corretto 1.8.0, Corretto 11, and Corretto 17.

Each Corretto version in AL2 is supported for the same period of time as the Corretto version is, or until the end of life of AL2, whichever is sooner. For more information, see the Amazon Corretto FAQs.