FlinkRuntimeException: "Not allowed configuration change(s) were detected" - Managed Service for Apache Flink
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Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink was previously known as Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink.

FlinkRuntimeException: "Not allowed configuration change(s) were detected"

From Flink version 1.19 and later, we have disabled Flink job configuration changes using Flink job codes.

If you perform such an unsupported configuration change, you receive the following exception:

Caused by: org.apache.flink.client.program.ProgramInvocationException: The main method caused an error: Not allowed configuration change(s) were detected: - Configuration execution.checkpointing.unaligned.enabled:true not allowed. - Setter CheckpointConfig#setCheckpointStorage has been used at org.apache.flink.client.program.PackagedProgram.callMainMethod(PackagedProgram.java:372) at org.apache.flink.client.program.PackagedProgram.invokeInteractiveModeForExecution(PackagedProgram.java:222) at org.apache.flink.client.ClientUtils.executeProgram(ClientUtils.java:108) at org.apache.flink.client.deployment.application.DetachedApplicationRunner.tryExecuteJobs(DetachedApplicationRunner.java:84) ... 9 more

The exception message indicates which not allowed configurations or setters you have used. In the previous example, the application attempts to configure execution.checkpointing.unaligned.enabled and to use setCheckpointStorage.

Configurations that you can continue to modify in code include:

  1. pipeline.auto-watermark-interval

  2. pipeline.closure-cleaner-level

  3. pipeline.max-parallelism

  4. pipeline.name

  5. pipeline.operator-chaining.chain-operators-with-different-max-parallelism

  6. pipeline.operator-chaining.enabled

  7. pipeline.vertex-description-mode

  8. pipeline.vertex-name-include-index-prefix

  9. python.execution-mode

  10. python.operator-chaining.enabled

You can still request modifications to some job or cluster configurations using a support case. For more information, see Modifiable Flink configuration properties.