Creating captions ABR streaming outputs - MediaConvert
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Creating captions ABR streaming outputs

Setting up captions can be complex. For detailed information, see Setting up captions in AWS Elemental MediaConvert jobs. For basic instructions, complete the following procedure.

To create and set up captions ABR streaming outputs
  1. Create an output for your first set of captions. Usually a set of captions corresponds to one language.

    1. In the Job pane, choose the output group that you're working in.

    2. In the Outputs pane, choose Add output.

    3. Choose the output that you just created.

    4. If your output includes groups of video and audio settings by default, choose Remove video and Remove audio to delete them.

    5. Choose Add captions to display a set of captions settings.

  2. In the Output settings pane, for Name modifier, enter a value.

    MediaConvert appends the name modifier to the file names that it creates for this output. Enter a name modifier that will make it easy to identify which files came from which output, such as -captions-english.

  3. Specify your captions settings as follows:

    1. In the Output settings section, specify values for any remaining general settings. For more information about individual settings, choose the Info link next to each setting.

    2. Under Stream settings, for Captions source, choose one of the captions selectors that you created in Step 2: Create input selectors for video, audio, and captions.

    3. In the Stream settings section, specify values for the remaining captions settings.