Creating a reserved queue in AWS Elemental MediaConvert - MediaConvert
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Creating a reserved queue in AWS Elemental MediaConvert

Reserved queues allow you to purchase transcoding capacity for a 12-month period, instead of paying per minute for each output.

To create a reserved queue
  1. Open the MediaConvert console at

  2. On the navigation bar of the AWS Elemental MediaConvert console, choose the Amazon Web Services Region where you want to create the queue.

    A default, on-demand queue is available in all Regions. Other queues appear only in the Region where you create them.

							Choose a Region.
  3. Choose the three-bar icon on the left to access the left navigation pane.

  4. Choose Queues.

  5. On the Queues page, in the Reserved queues section, choose Create reserved queue.

  6. On the Create reserved queue page, in the General information section, enter a name and a description for the new queue.

  7. Optionally, use the Reserved transcode slots (RTS) calculator to help determine how many RTS you need. Specify values as follows:

    • Turnaround time - The time frame that you want your content transcoded in. For example, if you need to finish transcoding three films each day, enter 24 for hours and 0 for minutes.

    • Number of jobs - The number of jobs that you want to complete within your turnaround time. In the previous example, this value would be 3.

    • Time to run one job - The amount of time that it takes to transcode a piece of content. The time strongly depends on your transcoding settings. The best way to determine a value for this setting is to run a typical job in an on-demand queue, with Simulate reserved queue enabled.

      Find this setting as follows: On the Create job page, in the Job pane on the left, under Job settings, choose Settings. In the Job settings section on the right, for Simulate reserved queue, choose Enabled.

  8. In the Commitment to purchase RTS for reserved queue section, specify the number of reserved transcode slots (RTS) that you want to purchase. A reserved queue can simultaneously process a number of jobs equal to the number of RTS that you purchase for it.

  9. Select the I agree check box to confirm your intention to make a 12-month commitment. Amazon bills you monthly for the RTS.


    After you commit to your pricing plan, you can’t cancel it.

  10. Choose Create reserved queue.

  11. On the Purchase RTS for reserved queue confirmation page, review the details of your pricing plan, and then choose Purchase.

    If you decide later that you want to purchase additional capacity for your reserved queue, you can do so. For more information, see Purchasing additional capacity for a reserved queue.