Creating the IAM role in MediaConvert with full permissions - MediaConvert
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Creating the IAM role in MediaConvert with full permissions

The easiest, fastest route to getting a job running with AWS Elemental MediaConvert is to set up the service role with full permissions to your Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) buckets and your Amazon API Gateway endpoints. The MediaConvert service uses only the permissions that it needs to run your job.


This approach doesn't follow the security best practice of least permissions.

To set up your MediaConvert role in MediaConvert, full permissions
  1. Open the MediaConvert console at

  2. Choose Get started.

  3. On the Create job page, in the Job pane on the left, under Job settings, choose Amazon integration.

  4. In the Service access section, for Service role control, choose Create a new service role, full permissions.

  5. For New role name, we suggest that you keep the default value MediaConvert_Default_Role. When you do, MediaConvert uses this role by default for your future jobs.

  6. Continue to the next step of this tutorial, Step 6: Create a job.