Using encrypted content keys with DRM - MediaConvert
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Using encrypted content keys with DRM

For the most secure DRM encryption solution, use encrypted content keys in addition to encrypted content. To use encrypted content keys, you must import suitable certificates into Amazon Certificate Manager (ACM), and then prepare them for use with AWS Elemental MediaConvert. For information about ACM, see the Amazon Certificate Manager User Guide.

Run Amazon Certificate Manager in the same Region as you run AWS Elemental MediaConvert.

To prepare a certificate for DRM content key encryption
  1. Obtain a 2048 RSA, SHA-512-signed certificate.

  2. Open the ACM console at

  3. Import the certificate into ACM according to the instructions at Importing certificates into Amazon Certificate Manager. Note the resulting certificate ARN because you will need it later.

    For use in DRM encryption, your certificate must have a status of Issued in ACM.

  4. Open the MediaConvert console at

  5. In the navigation pane, under Certificates, enter your certificate ARN, and then choose Associate certificate.

To find certificates that are associated with AWS Elemental MediaConvert

In the ACM console, list and display your certificates to find the ones that you have associated with MediaConvert. In the Details section of the certificate's description, you can see the MediaConvert association and retrieve the certificate ARN. For more information, see List ACM–managed certificates and Describe ACM certificates.

To use a certificate in AWS Elemental MediaConvert

When you use DRM encryption, provide one of your associated certificate ARNs in the SPEKE encryption parameters. This enables content key encryption. You can use the same certificate ARN for multiple jobs. For information, see Encrypting content.

To renew a certificate

To renew a certificate that you have associated with AWS Elemental MediaConvert, reimport it in Amazon Certificate Manager. The certificate renews without any disruption of its use in MediaConvert.

To delete a certificate

To delete a certificate from Amazon Certificate Manager, you must first dissociate it from any other service. To dissociate a certificate from AWS Elemental MediaConvert, copy its certificate ARN from ACM, navigate to the MediaConvert Certificates pane, enter the certificate ARN, and then choose Dissociate certificate.