Step 1: Create a topic in Amazon SNS - MediaConvert
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Step 1: Create a topic in Amazon SNS

The first part of setting up a CloudWatch Events rule is preparing the rule target. In this case, that means creating and subscribing to an Amazon SNS topic.

                        The CloudWatch Events rule is represented by a rectangle that reads "Rule: Send
                            me an email when one of my jobs has an error." Inside that rectangle are
                            two rectangles, one representing the target and one representing the
                            event source. In this image, the target rectangle is highlighted. It
                            reads "Target, Amazon SNS Topic: Use my SNS topic that sends an email to the
                            address I provide."
To create an Amazon SNS topic
  1. Open the Amazon SNS console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Topics, and then choose Create new topic.

  3. For Topic name, enter MediaConvertJobErrorAlert, and then choose Create topic.

  4. Choose the topic ARN link for the topic that you just created. It looks something like this: arn:aws-cn:sns:region:123456789012:MediaConvertJobErrorAlert.

  5. On the Topic details: MediaConvertJobErrorAlert page, in the Subscriptions section, choose Create subscription.

  6. For Protocol, choose Email. For Endpoint, enter the email address that you want Amazon SNS to send the notification to.

  7. Choose Create subscription.

  8. You will receive a notification email from Amazon SNS. When you receive it, choose the Confirm subscription link in the email.