Output file names and paths - MediaConvert
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Output file names and paths

The CloudWatch Events job COMPLETE notification includes the JobResult response in JSON. This information includes the file names and paths for the outputs of the job—including manifests as well as the media assets.

The files that AWS Elemental MediaConvert creates depends on the output groups that you set up in the job. For example, DASH ISO packages contain an .mpd manifest and .mp4 media fragment files.

You can find output file name and path information in the JobResult response information, in the following properties:


A list of the Amazon S3 file paths to the top-level manifests.


The file path to either the media or the manifest, depending on the output group type.


The type of output group, which determines what files are listed in the playlistFilePaths and outputFilePaths.

The following table summarizes the values for these properties, depending on the output group type.

Type playlistFilePaths outputFilePaths
FILE_GROUP (standard output) not returned

File name and path of the media file

Example: s3://bucket/file/file.mp4

FILE_GROUP (with additional frame capture output) not returned

File name and path of the final captured image

Example: s3://bucket/frameoutput/file.0000036.jpg


File name and path of the top-level manifest

Example: s3://bucket/hls/main.m3u8

File name and path of the manifests for the individual outputs


  • s3://bucket/hls/mainv1.m3u8

  • s3://bucket/hls/mainv2.m3u8


File name and path of the manifest

Example: s3://bucket/dash/1.mpd

not returned

File name and path for each of the top-level manifests


  • s3://bucket/cmaf/1.mpd

  • s3://bucket/cmaf/1.m3u8

not returned

File name and path of the server-side manifest

Example: s3://bucket/smooth/1.ism

File name and path of the video manifests for each of the individual outputs


  • s3://bucket/smooth/1_va.ismv

  • s3://bucket/smooth/2_va.ismv

For sample JobResult responses in JSON for each output group type, see the following topics: