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AWS Elemental MediaConvert related information

Find links to code samples, tutorials, and other helpful information for getting started with AWS Elemental MediaConvert.

Code samples and tutorials for AWS Elemental MediaConvert VOD solutions

Find code samples and tutorials for automating video on demand (VOD) workflows:

  • VOD automation toolkit – Sample code and Amazon CloudFormation scripts on GitHub for automating video on demand (VOD) workflows on Amazon.

  • Video on demand at Amazon – Sample code, deployment guide, and Amazon CloudFormation template in Amazon Solutions. The workflow in this solution ingests source videos, processes the videos for playback on a wide range of devices, and stores the transcoded media files for on-demand delivery to end users through Amazon CloudFront.

Find code for a complete VOD workflow from ingest through delivery in Video on demand at Amazon in Amazon Solutions.

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  • Amazon Developer Tools – Links to developer tools, SDKs, IDE toolkits, and command line tools for developing and managing Amazon applications.

  • Amazon Whitepapers – Links to a comprehensive list of technical Amazon whitepapers, covering topics such as architecture, security, and economics and authored by Amazon Solutions Architects or other technical experts.

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