About specifying the overlay Layer - MediaConvert
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About specifying the overlay Layer

The Layer setting specifies how overlapping graphic overlays appear in the video. The service overlays graphics with higher values for Layer on top of overlays with lower values for Layer. Each overlay must have a unique value for Layer; you can't assign the same layer number to more than one overlay.

The following illustration shows how the value for Layer affects how a graphic overlay appears in relation to other overlays. The triangle has the highest value for Layer and appears on top, obscuring the video frame and all graphic overlays with lower values of Layer.

                    The underlying video is obscured by three graphic overlays: a blue
                        rectangle with a Layer  value of 1, a green ring with a
                            Layer  value of 2, and an orange triangle with a
                            Layer  value of 3. Where the rectangle and ring
                        overlap, the ring obscures the rectangle. Where the triangle and ring
                        overlap, the triangle obscures the ring. In the transparent portion of the
                        ring, the underlying video and a corner of the rectangle show
To specify a value for the Layer setting
  1. Set up your graphic overlay as described in Still graphic overlay.

  2. For Layer, enter a whole number from 0 to 99.


    You can use each number only once. Each graphic overlay must have its own layer.