JSON.TYPE - Amazon MemoryDB for Redis
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Report type of the values at the given path.


JSON.TYPE <key> [path]
  • key (required) – Redis key of JSON document type

  • path (optional) – a JSON path. Defaults to the root if not provided


If the path is enhanced syntax:

  • Array of strings, representing type of the value at each path. The type is one of {"null", "boolean", "string", "number", "integer", "object" and "array"}.

  • If a path does not exist, its corresponding return value is null.

  • Empty array if the document key does not exist.

If the path is restricted syntax:

  • String, type of the value

  • Null if the document key does not exist.

  • Null if the JSON path is invalid or does not exist.


Enhanced path syntax:> JSON.SET k1 . '[1, 2.3, "foo", true, null, {}, []]' OK> JSON.TYPE k1 $[*] 1) integer 2) number 3) string 4) boolean 5) null 6) object 7) array

Restricted path syntax:> JSON.SET k1 . '{"firstName":"John","lastName":"Smith","age":27,"weight":135.25,"isAlive":true,"address":{"street":"21 2nd Street","city":"New York","state":"NY","zipcode":"10021-3100"},"phoneNumbers":[{"type":"home","number":"212 555-1234"},{"type":"office","number":"646 555-4567"}],"children":[],"spouse":null}' OK> JSON.TYPE k1 object> JSON.TYPE k1 .children array> JSON.TYPE k1 .firstName string> JSON.TYPE k1 .age integer> JSON.TYPE k1 .weight number> JSON.TYPE k1 .isAlive boolean> JSON.TYPE k1 .spouse null