Parameter group tiers - Amazon MemoryDB for Redis
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Parameter group tiers

MemoryDB for Redis parameter group tiers

Global Default

The top-level root parameter group for all MemoryDB for Redis customers in the region.

The global default parameter group:

  • Is reserved for MemoryDB and not available to the customer.

Customer Default

A copy of the Global Default parameter group which is created for the customer's use.

The Customer Default parameter group:

  • Is created and owned by MemoryDB.

  • Is available to the customer for use as a parameter group for any clusters running an engine version supported by this parameter group.

  • Cannot be edited by the customer.

Customer Owned

A copy of the Customer Default parameter group. A Customer Owned parameter group is created whenever the customer creates a parameter group.

The Customer Owned parameter group:

  • Is created and owned by the customer.

  • Can be assigned to any of the customer's compatible clusters.

  • Can be modified by the customer to create a custom parameter group. ‡

    ‡ Not all parameter values can be modified. For more information, see Redis specific parameters.