Amazon MSK quota - Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka
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Amazon MSK quota

Amazon MSK quota

  • Up to 90 brokers per account and 30 brokers per cluster. To request higher quota, create a support case.

  • A minimum of 1 GiB of storage per broker.

  • A maximum of 16384 GiB of storage per broker.

  • A cluster that uses IAM access control can have up to 3000 TCP connections per broker at any given time. To increase this limit, you can adjust the or the configuration property using the Kafka AlterConfig API or the tool. It's important to note that increasing either property to a high value can result in unavailability.

  • Limits on TCP connections. A cluster that uses IAM access control can accept new connections at a rate of up to 20 TCP connections per broker per second for all broker types, except for the type kafka.t3.small. Brokers of type kafka.t3.small are limited to 4 TCP connections per broker per second. If you created your cluster after May 25, 2022, it also supports connection rate bursts. If you want an older cluster to support connection rate bursts, you can create a support case.

    To handle retries on failed connections, you can set the configuration parameter on the client side. For example, if you want a client to retry connections after 1 second, set to 1000. For more information, see in the Apache Kafka documentation.

  • Up to 100 configurations per account. To request higher quota, create a support case.

  • A maximum of 50 revisions per configuration.

  • To update the configuration or the Apache Kafka version of an MSK cluster, first ensure the number of partitions per broker is under the limits described in Right-size your cluster: Number of partitions per broker.

MSK Serverless quota

Dimension Quota

Maximum ingress throughput

200 MBps

Maximum egress throughput 400 MBps
Maximum retention duration Unlimited

Maximum number of client connections

Maximum connection attempts 100 per second

Maximum message size

8 MiB
Maximum request rate 15,000 per second

Maximum fetch bytes per request

55 MB

Maximum number of consumer groups


Maximum number of partitions

2400 for non-compacted topics and 120 for compacted topics. To request a quota adjustment, create a support case.

Maximum rate of partition creation and deletion 250 in 5 minutes

Maximum ingress throughput per partition

5 MBps

Maximum egress throughput per partition

10 MBps

Maximum partition size

250 GiB

Maximum number of client VPCs per serverless cluster

Maximum number of serverless clusters per account 10, adjustable.

MSK Connect quota

  • Up to 100 custom plugins.

  • Up to 100 worker configurations.

  • Up to 60 connect workers. If a connector is set up to have auto scaled capacity, then the maximum number of workers that the connector is set up to have is the number MSK Connect uses to calculate the quota for the account.

  • Up to 10 workers per connector.

To request higher quota for MSK Connect, create a support case.