Managing connections to Apache Airflow - Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow
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Managing connections to Apache Airflow

This section describes the different ways to configure an Apache Airflow connection for an Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow environment.

Overview of Apache Airflow variables and connections

In some cases, you may want to specify additional connections or variables for an environment, such as an Amazon profile, or to add your execution role in a connection object in the Apache Airflow metastore, then refer to the connection from within a DAG.

  • Self-managed Apache Airflow. On a self-managed Apache Airflow installation, you set Apache Airflow configuration options in airflow.cfg.

    [secrets] backend = backend_kwargs = {"connections_prefix" : "airflow/connections", "variables_prefix" : "airflow/variables"}
  • Apache Airflow on Amazon MWAA. On Amazon MWAA, you need to add these configuration settings as Apache Airflow configuration options on the Amazon MWAA console. Apache Airflow configuration options are written as environment variables to your environment and override all other existing configurations for the same setting.