G.V( ) - Amazon Neptune
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G.V( )

G.V() is a powerful Gremlin Integrated Development Environment (IDE) tool for developers and data analysts. Using it, you can interactively query, visualize and update graph data in Neptune. G.V() offers built-in Gremlin language autocomplete functionality, which provides suggestions and documentation as you type your query, based on your graph data model.

You can also use the Gremlin query debugging feature to write, debug, test, and analyze graph traversal processes in depth.

With Natural Language Processing powered by OpenAI, G.V() can generate Gremlin queries accurate to your graph data schema from a text prompt, to query your data via natural language.

The Graph Data Explorer lets you navigate and modify your graph to quickly architect new graph structures and maintain existing ones.

G.V() offers multiple visualization formats for query results that help you interpret your query output and navigate your graph interactively. These include table, graph, JSON, and Gremlin console output formats.

G.V() is fully compatible with Amazon Neptune and offers many additional features specifically for Amazon Neptune such as Slow Query or Audit Log insights, and IAM authentication support. To learn more, check out the documentation.

G.V() is continuously evolving and receives new features monthly. To find out more about G.V(), get started with a free trial by visiting the G.V() website.

See a demonstration below of G.V() in action:

Sample G.V() visualization