Firewall components in Amazon Network Firewall - Amazon Network Firewall
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Firewall components in Amazon Network Firewall

The Amazon Network Firewall firewall runs stateless and stateful traffic inspection rules engines. The engines use rules and other settings that you configure inside a firewall policy.

You install the firewall endpoints on a per-Availability Zone basis in your VPC. For each Availability Zone where you want an endpoint, you choose a subnet to host it. The firewall endpoint can protect any subnet in your VPC except for the one in which it's located.

You manage Network Firewall firewalls with the following central components.

  • Rule group – Holds a reusable collection of criteria for inspecting traffic and for handling packets and traffic flows that match the inspection criteria. For example, you can choose to drop or pass a packet or all packets in a traffic flow based on the inspection criteria. Some rule groups fully define the behavior and some use lower-level rules that provide more detail. Rule groups are either stateless or stateful. For more information about rule groups and rules, see Rule groups in Amazon Network Firewall.

  • Firewall policy – Defines a reusable set of stateless and stateful rule groups, along with some policy-level behavior settings. The firewall policy provides the network traffic filtering behavior for a firewall. You can use a single firewall policy in multiple firewalls. For more information about firewall policies, see Firewall policies in Amazon Network Firewall.

  • Firewall – Connects the inspection rules in the firewall policy to the VPC that the rules protect. Each firewall requires one firewall policy. The firewall additionally defines settings like how to log information about your network traffic and the firewall's stateful traffic filtering. For more information about firewalls, see Firewalls in Amazon Network Firewall.