Resource group settings - Amazon Network Firewall
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Resource group settings

A resource group has the following settings.

  • Name – The identifier for the resource group. You assign a unique name to every resource group. You can't change the name of a resource group after you create it.

  • Description – Optional additional information about the resource group. Fill in any information that might help you remember the purpose of the resource group and how you want to use it. The description is included in resource group lists in the console and through the APIs.

  • Grouping criteria – Tag the resource types to add to the resource group. A tag consists of a key and a value, both of which you define. A resource type is a type of Amazon resource, such as an Amazon EC2 instance. Network Firewall adds to the resource group all the resource types within your account matching the tags. As you create, update, or delete resource types that match the tags, Network Firewall automatically updates the resource group to include the resources. Network Firewall constantly checks your account for resources that match the grouping criteria.

  • Preview resources – A list of all of the resources within your account in the current Region that match the grouping criteria.

  • Tags – Optional key-value tag pairs. These tags apply to the resource group itself, not the individual resources within it. You can use tags to search and filter your resources and to track your Amazon costs. For more information about tags, see Tagging Amazon Network Firewall resources.