pcluster-config - Amazon ParallelCluster
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Updates the Amazon ParallelCluster configuration file.

pcluster-config [ -h ] [convert]

For command-specific flags, run: pcluster-config [command] –h.

Named arguments

-h, --help

Shows the help text for pcluster-config.


The pcluster-config command was added in Amazon ParallelCluster version 2.9.0.


pcluster-config convert

pcluster-config convert [ -h ] [ -c CONFIG_FILE ] [ -t CLUSTER_TEMPLATE ] [ -o OUTPUT_FILE ]
Named arguments
-h, --help

Shows the help text for pcluster-config convert.

-c CONFIG_FILE, --config-file CONFIG_FILE

Specifies the path of the configuration file to read.

Defaults to ~/.parallelcluster/config.

For more information, see Configuring Amazon ParallelCluster.


Indicates the [cluster] section to use. If this argument is not specified, pcluster-config convert will use the cluster_template setting in the [global] section. If that isn't specified, then the [cluster default] section is used.


Specifies the path of the converted configuration file to be written. By default, the output is written to STDOUT.


$ pcluster-config convert -t alpha -o ~/.parallelcluster/multiinstance

Converts the cluster configuration specified in the [cluster alpha] section of ~/.parallelcluster/config, writing the converted configuration file to ~/.parallelcluster/multiinstance.