pcluster update - Amazon ParallelCluster
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pcluster update

Analyzes the configuration file to determine if the cluster can be safely updated. If the analysis determines the cluster can be updated, you are prompted to confirm the change. If the analysis shows the cluster can't be updated, the configuration settings that are the source of the conflicts are enumerated with details. For more information, see Using pcluster update.

pcluster update [ -h ] [ -c CONFIG_FILE ] [ --force ] [ -r REGION ] [ -nr ] [ -nw ] [ -t CLUSTER_TEMPLATE ] [ -p EXTRA_PARAMETERS ] [ -rd ] [ --yes ] cluster_name

Positional arguments


Specifies the name of the cluster to update.

Named arguments

-h, --help

Shows the help text for pcluster update.


Specifies the alternative configuration file to use.

Defaults to ~/.parallelcluster/config.


Enables an update even if one or more settings has a blocking change or if an outstanding action is required (such as stopping the compute fleet) before the update can proceed. This shouldn't be combined with the --yes argument.

-r REGION, --region REGION

Specifies the Amazon Web Services Region to use. Defaults to the Amazon Web Services Region specified by using the pcluster configure command.

-nr, --norollback

Disables Amazon CloudFormation stack rollback on error.

Defaults to False.

-nw, --nowait

Indicates not to wait for stack events after processing a stack command.

Defaults to False.


Specifies the section of the cluster template to use.


Adds extra parameters to a stack update.

-rd, --reset-desired

Resets the current capacity of an Auto Scaling Group to the initial configuration values.

Defaults to False.


Automatically assumes that the answer to all prompts is yes. This should not be combined with the --force argument.

$ pcluster update -c path/to/config mycluster Retrieving configuration from CloudFormation for cluster mycluster... Validating configuration file .parallelcluster/config... Found Configuration Changes: # parameter old value new value --- -------------------------- ----------- ----------- [compute_resource default] 01 min_count 1 2 02 max_count 5 12 Validating configuration update... Congratulations! The new configuration can be safely applied to your cluster. Do you want to proceed with the update? - Y/N: Y Updating: mycluster Calling update_stack Status: parallelcluster-mycluster - UPDATE_COMPLETE

When the command is called and begins polling for the status of that call, it's safe to use "Ctrl-C" to exit. You can return to viewing the current status by calling pcluster status mycluster.