Amazon ParallelCluster support policy - Amazon ParallelCluster
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Amazon ParallelCluster support policy

Amazon ParallelCluster supports multiple releases at the same time. Every Amazon ParallelCluster release has a scheduled End of Support Life (EOSL) date. After the EOSL date, no further support or maintenance is provided for that release.

Amazon ParallelCluster uses a major.minor.patch version scheme. New features, performance improvements, security updates, and bug fixes are included in new minor version releases for the latest major version release. Minor versions are backward compatible within a major version. For critical issues, Amazon provides fixes through patch releases, but only for the latest minor versions of releases that have not reached EOSL. If you want to use the updates from a new version release, you need to upgrade to the new minor or patch version.

Amazon ParallelCluster versions End of supported life (EOSL) date
2.10.4 and earlier 12/31/2021