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Create New IAM Users and Groups

This section describes how to create a new IAM group and a new IAM user and then add the user to the group.

First, use the New-IAMGroup cmdlet to create the group. Although we've included it here, the -Path parameter is optional.

PS > New-IAMGroup -Path "/ps-created-groups/" -GroupName "powerUsers" Path : /ps-created-groups/ GroupName : powerUsers GroupId : AGPAJPHUEYD5XPCGIUH3E Arn : arn:aws:iam::455364113843:group/ps-created-groups/powerUsers CreateDate : 11/20/2012 3:32:50 PM

Next, use the New-IAMUser cmdlet to create the user. Similar to the preceding example, the -Path parameter is optional.

PS > New-IAMUser -Path "/ps-created-users/" -UserName "myNewUser" Path : /ps-created-users/ UserName : myNewUser UserId : AIDAJOJSPSPXADHBT7IN6 Arn : arn:aws:iam::455364113843:user/ps-created-users/myNewUser CreateDate : 11/20/2012 3:26:31 PM

Finally, use the Add-IAMUserToGroup cmdlet to add the user to the group.

PS > Add-IAMUserToGroup -UserName myNewUser -GroupName powerUsers ServiceResponse --------------- Amazon.IdentityManagement.Model.AddUserToGroupResponse

To verify that the powerUsers group contains the myNewUser, use the Get-IAMGroup cmdlet.

PS > Get-IAMGroup -GroupName powerUsers Group Users IsTruncated Marker ----- ----- ----------- ------ Amazon.IdentityManagement.... {myNewUser} False

You can also view IAM users and groups with the Amazon Web Services Management Console

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