Create and configure an estimate - Amazon Pricing Calculator
Services or capabilities described in Amazon Web Services documentation might vary by Region. To see the differences applicable to the China Regions, see Getting Started with Amazon Web Services in China (PDF).

Create and configure an estimate

When you generate an estimate, you can either add services directly to your estimate or create a group and add the services to your group. This section shows how to set up a group with an Amazon EC2 instance that you can use to perform tasks such as run a small program or host a website. To get started, create your estimate using the following steps.

Create an estimate

To create your estimate
  1. Open Amazon Pricing Calculator at

  2. Choose Create estimate.

    Create an estimate
  3. On the Add service page, find the service that you want. Then, choose Configure. For more information, see .

  4. Add a Description for the estimated service.

  5. Select a Region.

  6. Enter your sevice specifications.

  7. Choose Save and add service.

  8. To view the estimate you created, choose View summary.

Configure a service

This section shows how to configure a service you're creating an estimate for. In this example, we're adding Amazon EC2 using the Amazon EC2 Quick estimate option.

To configure a service for your estimate
  1. Open the Add service page at

  2. Enter Amazon EC2 in the search bar and choose Configure.

    Configure Amazon EC2
  3. In the Description field, enter a description for your estimate.

  4. Choose a Region.

  5. In the EC2 specifications section, update the parameters based on your use case requirements.

  6. At this stage you can view the total upfront and monthly costs. These costs are based on the current EC2 parameters you selected.

    Total upfront and monthly costs
  7. (Optional) Choose Show calculations to view the breakeven analysis and utilization summary of your estimate.

  8. (Optional) In the Amazon EBS section, choose the storage for each Amazon EC2 instance, and enter the storage amount.


    If you aren't adding Amazon EBS volumes, enter 0.

  9. Choose Save and add service.

Add more services

You can add more services to generate a complete estimate for your architecture. For process examples and tutorials that show estimates for specific services, see Estimate examples for services.

To add more services to your estimate
  1. Open the My estimate page at

  2. Choose Add Service.

    Add service
  3. Search for a service and choose Configure.

  4. Enter the service parameters. Then, choose Save and add service.

  5. Repeat this process as needed.

Edit your inputs

You can edit the inputs for a service added to your estimate.

To edit the inputs for a service
  1. Open the My estimate page at

  2. In the My Estimate section, locate the service you want to update. Then, choose the Edit icon.

    Edit icon
  3. Edit your service inputs. Then, choose Save to return to your My Estimate page.