Getting started - Amazon Pricing Calculator
Services or capabilities described in Amazon Web Services documentation might vary by Region. To see the differences applicable to the China Regions, see Getting Started with Amazon Web Services in China (PDF).

Getting started

This chapter gives a walk-through of the Amazon Pricing Calculator feature to help you understand how to use Amazon Pricing Calculator to generate estimates for your use cases.

Using the Amazon Pricing Calculator console

The Amazon Pricing Calculator consists of four major console pages.

Landing page

This page links to key resources. For example, this user guide, FAQs, and pricing assumptions.

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Add Service page

You navigated to the Add Service page when you begin creating an estimate. This page has calculators for all services that Amazon Pricing Calculator supports. There's a calculator for each service, and a single calculator supports multiple services in some use cases. Use the search menu to enter service names or keywords. You can also find more information about each service through the Product page links.

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Configure calculator page

Use the configure calculator page to enter your customized details for your service calculator. Information includes a description (optional), choosing an Amazon Region to create an estimate for, and other inputs for the service based on your use case. View your estimate results and review the calculations behind each estimate. You can add the estimate of your service to the My estimates page using the Go to My Estimate at the end of the page. To add more services to your estimate, choose Continue adding service.

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You can directly navigate to individual service calculators.

My estimate page

Estimate summary section: This section shows your estimates in Upfront cost, Monthly cost, and your Total 12 months cost. The total 12 months cost is the sum of all estimates and groups. It combines the upfront and monthly costs. The upfront cost shows how much you're estimated to pay when you set up your services. Monthly costs are how much you're estimated to spend for ongoing months.

Groups and My estimate section: This is your working section that shows a list of your service calculators. You can add more services here, and use the search bar to enter keywords to find your previous service estimates.

On this page, you can export your estimates to CSV or PDF files, share your estimate links, and navigate to the Amazon console to sign in or create an account.

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Amazon provides the Free Tier that you can use to try some Amazon services for free. The Free Tier only covers certain instances or usage for a limited amount of time. Free Tier isn't included in your Amazon Pricing Calculator estimates unless it's specifically called out otherwise. Amazon Pricing Calculator assumes that you aren't using the Free Tier and doesn't include any expiring Free Tier in your estimates.