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A data transformation on a logical table. This is a variant type structure. For this structure to be valid, only one of the attributes can be non-null.



In the following list, the required parameters are described first.


A transform operation that casts a column to a different type.

Type: CastColumnTypeOperation object

Required: No


An operation that creates calculated columns. Columns created in one such operation form a lexical closure.

Type: CreateColumnsOperation object

Required: No


An operation that filters rows based on some condition.

Type: FilterOperation object

Required: No


A transform operation that overrides the dataset parameter values that are defined in another dataset.

Type: OverrideDatasetParameterOperation object

Required: No


An operation that projects columns. Operations that come after a projection can only refer to projected columns.

Type: ProjectOperation object

Required: No


An operation that renames a column.

Type: RenameColumnOperation object

Required: No


An operation that tags a column with additional information.

Type: TagColumnOperation object

Required: No


A transform operation that removes tags associated with a column.

Type: UntagColumnOperation object

Required: No

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