Amazon QuickSight Resource ARNs - Amazon QuickSight
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Amazon QuickSight Resource ARNs

The following resource types are defined by Amazon QuickSight: user, group, and dashboard. These are used in Amazon QuickSight API calls and as elements of IAMpermission statements. To find up-to-date information for Amazon QuickSight (service prefix: quicksight) resources, actions, and condition context keys for use in IAMpermission policies, see Actions, Resources, and Condition Keys for Amazon QuickSight in the IAMUser Guide.

Resource Type ARN Format Condition Keys
user arn:${Partition}:quicksight:${Region}:${Account}:user/${ResourceId} N/A
group arn:${Partition}:quicksight:${Region}:${Account}:group/${ResourceId} N/A
dashboard arn:${Partition}:quicksight:${Region}:${Account}:dashboard/${ResourceId} N/A
analysis arn:${Partition}:quicksight:${Region}:${Account}:analysis/${ResourceId} N/A
template arn:${Partition}:quicksight:${Region}:${Account}:template/${ResourceId} N/A
theme arn:${Partition}:quicksight:${Region}:${Account}:theme/${ResourceId} N/A

Resource ARNs are constructed from the segments that describe your resource. For example, a resource ARN for an analysis consists of the following segments.


The segments are defined as follows:

  • partition – For example, aws or aws-cn.

  • aws-region – The Amazon Web Services Region that contains the resource.

  • aws-account-id – The Amazon Web Services account that contains the resource. This excludes the hyphens.

  • resource-type – The type of resource. For this example, this is analyses. For a dashboard, it is dashboard.

  • resource-id – The unique identifier for a specific resource.

The Amazon Web Services Region, resource type, and resource ID are identified in the URL of the resource when you are using the Amazon QuickSight console. For example, let's say this is the URL of the analysis you want an ARN for.

The Amazon Web Services Region is us-east-2. The resource-type is analysis. The resource ID in this URL is a1b2c3d4-5678-90ab-cdef-EXAMPLE11111. If your account number is 111122223333, then the ARN for this analysis is as follows.


To get your Amazon Web Services account number, contact your system administrator.