Starting a zonal shift - Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller
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Starting a zonal shift

The steps in this section explain how to start a zonal shift on the Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller console. To work with zonal shift programmatically, see the Zonal Shift API Reference Guide.

To start a zonal shift

  1. Open the Route 53 ARC console at

  2. Under Multi-AZ, choose Zonal shift.

  3. On the Zonal shift page, choose Start zonal shift.

  4. Select the Availability Zone that you want to move traffic away from.

  5. Select a load balancer from the Resources table to move traffic away for.

  6. For Set zonal shift expiration, choose or enter an expiration for the zonal shift. A zonal shift can set to be active initially for 1 minute or up to three days (72 hours).

    All zonal shifts are temporary. You must set an expiration, but you can update active shifts later to set a new expiration period of up to three days.

  7. Enter a comment. You can update the zonal shift later to edit the comment, if you like.

  8. Select the check box to acknowledge that starting a zonal shift will reduce available capacity for your application by shifting traffic away from the Availability Zone.

  9. Choose Start.