Examples of using Route 53 ARC routing control API operations with the Amazon CLI - Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller
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Examples of using Route 53 ARC routing control API operations with the Amazon CLI

This section walks through simple application examples of working with routing control, using the Amazon Command Line Interface to work with the routing control capability in Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller using API operations. The examples are intended to help you develop a basic understanding of how to work with routing control using the CLI.

With routing control in Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller, you can trigger traffic failovers between redundant application copies, or replicas, that are running in separate Amazon Web Services Regions or Availability Zones.

You organize routing controls into groups called control panels that are provisioned on a cluster. A Route 53 ARC cluster is a Regional set of endpoints that is globally deployed. Cluster endpoints provide a highly available API that you can use to set and retrieve routing control states. For more information about the components of the routing control feature, see Routing control components .


Route 53 ARC is a global service that supports endpoints in multiple Amazon Web Services Regions. However, you must specify the US West (Oregon) Region—that is, specify the parameter --region us-west-2— in most Route 53 ARC CLI commands. For example, use the region parameter when you create recovery groups, control panels, and clusters.

When you create a cluster, Route 53 ARC provides you with a set of Regional endpoints. To get or update routing control states, you must specify the Regional endpoint (the Amazon Web Services Region and the endpoint URL) in your CLI command.

For more information about using the Amazon CLI, see the Amazon CLI Command Reference. For a list of routing control API actions, see Routing control API operations and Routing control API operations.

We'll start by creating the components you need to manage failover by using routing controls, beginning with creating a cluster.