Routing control for traffic failover - Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller
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Routing control for traffic failover

The routing control feature of Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller triggers traffic failovers between redundant application copies, or replicas, that are running in separate Amazon Regions or Availability Zones. To trigger failovers, you associate Route 53 ARC routing controls with the top-level domain names of your replicas. Then, add a routing control health check so you can control traffic routing across replicas of your application. You can update routing control states in the Amazon Web Services Management Console, but we recommend that you use Route 53 ARC actions, using the API or Amazon CLI, to update routing control states.

For example, if you want to fail over between Availability Zones, from us-west-1a to us-west-1b, you can use the update-routing-control-state API action to set the state of us-east-1a to Off and us-east-1b to On.

For more information about setting up and using routing control in Route 53 ARC, see Routing control in Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller.