Tagging in Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller - Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller
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Tagging in Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller

Tags are words or phrases (meta data) that you use to identify and organize your Amazon resources. You can add multiple tags to each resource, and each tag includes a key and a value that you define. For example, the key might be environment and the value might be production. You can search and filter your resources based on the tags you add.

You can tag the following resources in Route 53 ARC:

  • Recovery groups

  • Cells

  • Resource sets

  • Readiness checks

  • Clusters

  • Control panels

  • Safety rules in routing control

Tagging in Route 53 ARC is available only through the API, for example, by using the Amazon CLI.

The following are examples of tagging in Route 53 ARC by using the Amazon CLI.

Create resources with tags

aws route53-recovery-readiness --region us-west-2 create-cell --cell-name pdx_cell --tags Region=PDX,Stage=Prod

aws route53-recovery-readiness --region us-west-2 create-recovery-group --recovery-group-name pdx_recovery_group --tags Region=PDX,Stage=Prod

aws route53-recovery-readiness --region us-west-2 create-resource-set --resource-set-name dynamodb_resource_set --resource-set-type AWS::DynamoDB::Table --resources ReadinessScopes=arn:aws:aws-recovery-readiness::111122223333:cell/PDXCell,ResourceArn=arn:aws:dynamodb:us-west-2:111122223333:table/PDX_Table ReadinessScopes=arn:aws:aws-recovery-readiness::111122223333:cell/IADCell,ResourceArn=arn:aws:dynamodb:us-east-1:111122223333:table/IAD_Table --tags Stage=Prod

aws route53-recovery-readiness --region us-west-2 create-readiness-check --readiness-check-name dynamodb_readiness_check --resource-set-name dynamodb_resource_set --tags Stage=Prod

aws route53-recovery-control-config --region us-west-2 create-cluster --cluster-name example1-cluster --tags Region=PDX,Stage=Prod

aws route53-recovery-control-config --region us-west-2 create-control-panel --control-panel-name example1-control-panel --cluster-arn arn:aws:route53-recovery-control::111122223333:cluster/5678abcd-abcd-5678-abcd-5678abcdefgh --tags Region=PDX,Stage=Prod

Tag and untag existing resources

aws route53-recovery-readiness --region us-west-2 tag-resource --resource-arn arn:aws:aws-recovery-readiness::111122223333:cell/MyCell --tags Owner=DevOps

aws route53-recovery-readiness --region us-west-2 untag-resource --resource-arn arn:aws:aws-recovery-readiness::111122223333:cell/MyCell --tag-keys Owner

For more information, see TagResource in the Recovery Readiness API Reference Guide for Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller and TagResource in the Recovery Control Configuration API Reference Guide for Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller.